Princess Phia

My little princess woke up wanting everything else for breakfast, other than breakfast food.  She had a mouthful of this, and a mouthful of that, before letting me know she’d rather not have any more thanks Mum.  “Away, away,” she ordered as she pushed her barely touched bowl of apple & berry across the kitchen bench.  Oh well, I thought, and went to sit down with my chai.  But no, it wasn’t finished.  Tears, pleading, pulling of arms, wanting the other food.  Eat your fruit first please.  Nope.  More tears, actually quite dramatic ones, escalating as only 2 year old tears can.  Where’s your crown?  I hoped for distraction.  She brought it to me and I told her, let’s take a photo in your crown for Nanna so she can see how beautiful you look.  Just like a princess!  And to my surprise, she sat still and looked at the camera, her eyes meeting mine though the lens.  And we smiled together, and then laughed.

My Princess Phia.  M x

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