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Being 5

So 5 happened last week.  And even after the big day, Sophia didn’t believe that she was really 5.  Apparently, the party makes it all official, and she waited till then – several days later […]

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The most precious

In just a few day’s time, we’ll be taking a trip.  It’s not always easy to find enough minutes to really be together – the kind of together that has no phone calls, or work, […]

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The first thing

I hear footsteps, and she’s there. The light hits my eyes at the same time as her arms embrace me. Hair in tangles.  Climbing in beside me.  Cozy cuddles, keeping warm. Watching the clouds outside. […]

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Happy Easter to you

Wishing you a very happy Easter, with love from Mel, Andrew & Sophia (and her bunny) x

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Four times around the sun

And the long-awaited day came – the 17th day of March, St Patrick’s Day, and the fourth birthday of my beautiful fairy princess girl.  Despite my pleadings last night that she stop growing, she woke […]

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The end and the start

The day came.  Our holidays ended, much earlier than I was ready for, and we woke up on the first day of preschool for 2013.  Totally accustomed to lazy mornings since last December, I had […]

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Spending time

At the start of school holidays last year, I was so worried how we’d fill all those days and weeks.  And now that the school year is almost ready to begin, I don’t want the […]

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I’ve loved spending the holidays with my daughter – concentrating my everything on her.  No work running around my head, no preschool to be at, just her.  And I.  And sometimes I just sit and […]

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I love what happens lately when I ask Sophia for a photo!  With each click of the shutter, I’m presented with a fabulous new pose.   Inventive, and funny, and gorgeous, all at the same […]

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There’s so much to love about right now. The way she runs to hide whenever she hears someone coming, so she can jump out and say “Boo!” when they appear! Her desire for independence, because […]

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