My own myth

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.  ~ Rumi


I’ve had an amazing journey through 2012.  The time has passed so quickly and yet, I feel I’ve achieved more this year than I have in so many years past.  It certainly ended on a high note – with a JinkyArt workshop, held in Canberra, late November.

I honestly could not have been more excited – or nervous – about meeting Barb Uil, and experiencing JinkyArt for myself.  I was fortunate to share the experience with a dear friend of mine, and having booked the workshop a year in advance, we were absolutely ready to go when November came around.

The workshop began on a Friday evening.  After a short flight and drive to the hotel, we joined Barb and a beautiful family in a Bungendore field – with the added bonus of a vintage yellow ice cream truck in true JinkyArt style!  Perfect.  The next two days continued to inspire, with many more shooting opportunities, discussions, demonstrations, and personal critique.  I can honestly say that it has been the most beneficial thing I have done for my photography to date.

To learn from a photographer such as Barb is something very special.  I have long admired her for her inventiveness, creativity, and style (who doesn’t love a zebra?) and she is wonderfully down to earth, generous with the information she shares, and super friendly too!  Her words during our one-on-one time have given me a renewed confidence in myself and my abilities, and I feel a new kind of freedom to follow the dreams I have for my own photography.  To make my own rules.  To do what I love.  I’m armed with a wealth of knowledge and materials that I know will be invaluable.

I met some incredible people at the workshop – friendships made that I know will only grow stronger with time – and I look forward to watching their journey from here.  I loved spending time with such a talented and passionate group of photographers, and it was sad to say goodbye so soon after meeting.  It felt as if we’d known each other so much longer.  The beauty of understanding like-minds, I’m sure.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Barb Uil and to her assistants at the workshop – Alex, Linda, and Shelley.  It was a delight, and I treasure my time caught in the JinkyArt ‘bubble’ for those 3 days ♥

I’ve posted some of my shots from the workshop here, here and here, and I’ll post more in the coming days – keep watching!


I’ve worked with some fantastic people this year, from models, to make-up artists & hair stylists, designers, agencies, studios and assistants.  Thank you all and I hope we’ll meet for more in 2013.

And my clients – how fortunate I am to have met you all, heard your stories, taken your photos, and shared in your life for those moments.  Love to every one of you and very best wishes for the new year!

The urge to be the best I possibly can is so strong, and I fall in love with photography each day.  Like the words of Rumi above, I want to unfold my own myth.  Write my own story.  Create something I can be proud to call my own.  The verse that the quote is taken from ends with:

Then comes a moment of feeling the wings you’ve grown, lifting.

And so is the way when dreams come true!

From all of us here, happy new year and we’ll see you in 2013.  Full of endless possibilities and potential.  I can’t wait.

M x

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  1. Tina DaSilva December 30, 2012 at 7:37 am #

    Lovely words Mel. What a wonderful opportunity to meet Barb and participate in a workshop, a dream come true. Looking forward to more of your lovely photos in 2013.

  2. Amie December 30, 2012 at 9:39 pm #

    You’re so blessed to have been able to work with Barb! And your photos are stunning, it’s been great following your journey. Happy New Year! X

  3. melriddell January 7, 2013 at 10:24 am #

    It really was wonderful to meet Barb, Tina! She’s full of inspiration and makes everything seem so attainable. Thank you so much for your comment. xxx

    Thanks so much Amie, that’s lovely of you! I certainly do feel very fortunate and hope I can do it all justice this year! Happy new year to you too. xx

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