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My fantastic husband bought me an iphone for Christmas, and since then, I’ve wondered a little how I ever did without one before.  One of the reasons for that, I am sure, is my new addiction – Instagram!  Like Twitter in photos, it has me hooked, and I’m taking part in January’s photo-a-day challenge (the list can be found here).  Today’s photo topic is Childhood.  My mind immediately went to an ornament I found whilst helping my Mum move house late last year.  I remembered it clearly as soon as I found it tucked away in a box.  And what wonderful timing too, I thought, as my Miss Sophia turns 3 this March.  I couldn’t think of a lovelier thing to pass on to her, so it may become part of her childhood memories too.  Each turning age seems to be an amazing milestone, and 3 is no exception.  I think it is my favourite age thus far.  I cherish our funny conversations, her awareness of everything, and wanting to do it all herself.  And I love it all.  M x

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