Hayden urban

You might remember Hayden from September.  Hayden dropped by yesterday for part 2 of his photo shoot, and we took a walk around the city streets, through the park, down little laneways, around fences, up to the lookout to watch the trains go by, and then back home for lollipops and lots of smiles!  I hope you enjoy this little taste of our afternoon together.  M x

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  1. MARGO PLOWRIGHT October 4, 2011 at 12:10 pm #

    Hi Mel love them all, particularly love the first one……his eyes and skin are crystal clear…. FAB …and Im lovin’ the one with wall art. I also like the way you set them out in the storyboard..His mum must be happy with these. great job Miss Mel…hugs Margo x

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