Cookies and the park

Sophia likes saying no a lot.  I ask:  Would you like to get dressed Sophia?  No.  Would you like to go out?  No.  How about the park?  No.  And I get her dressed and pack a bag anyway… because I know that as soon as we are downstairs and ready to go, she’ll be excited.  It’s always the same.  And today was no different.  I strapped Sophia into her trike, and off we went, around the corner, and across the road to the park.  I took some spiced cookies along, as they are Sophia’s favourite food of the week – she simply does not stop asking for them.  So she was thrilled to be eating cookies in the park and we had a fantastic afternoon chasing each other, climbing up and down, piggy back rides, and peek-a-boo.  I fall in love with her a little more on afternoons like this one.  M x

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